Using the Online Doten Diaries


The online Doten diaries can be browsed or read within the book reader by “turning to the next page” with a click on the right hand page. The previous page can be viewed with a click on the left hand page.

Click on items in the Table of Contents to jump directly to a section of the book.

More about the Book Reader:

A horizontal line with triangle-shaped markers at the bottom of the reader provides shortcuts to other sections of the book. Mouse over the triangles to see section titles. Click anywhere on the line to jump to another part of the book.

The vertical lines to the left and right of the pages offer another way to jump ahead or back in the book.

The icons at the bottom right of the book reader provide more options for reading and exploring the book:

a – single-page view

b – Double-page view

c – Multi-page thumbnail view

d – Zoom in/out

e – Previous page/next page

f – Show/hide navigation bar

To exit the reader and return to the home page or search results, click on the “X” at the top of the screen. Don’t use the browser’s Back button.

To search for a phrase, use quotes. For example, “dance hall.” This is especially useful for names when the first or last name is common, or ones that include common words, such as “Harry Day.” Search results for multiple words without quotes will retrieve pages that contain both words. Sometimes that is useful, but often retrieves irrelevant hits.

Search results will include similar words (mechanic, mechanical, mechanics) but not synonyms. To find all entries about violins, do another search with the word fiddle.

Search results include the page numbers. Clicking on a listing will open two pages of the book, so note the page number to make scanning for the term easier.

Limit search results by the year or place of the diary entry using the lists on the right side of the search results page.

Use the X on the top of the page in the book reader to return to search results.


Contact us at for a pdf version of the diaries that is compatible with assistive technology.