Fleischmann Foundation

The Fleischmann Foundation (1951-1980) was established with the death of Max C. Fleischmann (1877-1951) to distribute his estate. The Fleischmann wealth was generated from the production of yeast, vinegar and gin. Max, who inherited the company in 1928, moved its headquarters to Nevada for tax benefits (the “One Sound State” enticements promoted in the mid 1930s). The Fleischmann Foundation awarded almost 2,000 grants totaling $192 million. The University of Nevada System received 45 grants that totaled over $19 million, including two grants to help purchase and later publish the Doten journals. Other grants helped establish the Desert Research Institute, in purchasing the College Inn, funded scholarships, and supported hospitals, libraries and civic organizations throughout Nevada and in other states. The Fleischmann name lives on at the University of Nevada, Reno thanks to naming grants for the Fleischmann Planetarium, the Sarah Fleischmann Building, and the Fleischmann Agriculture building.